PUNE - the name perennially associated with traditions, customs and values

The name synonymous with new-age, forward-looking and modern beliefs with Saarrthi Pune-Re. It means that this new-age thinking will amalgamate with traditional values and what will come out of it will be a masterpiece - like all our other projects at Saarrthi. With an experienced team and qualified leaders, we have already managed to redevelop over 6,21,000 sq. ft of area in Pune. Trust us for our quality and we will give you the aesthetics of a modern lifestyle with the old charm intact.

Think of redevelopment, Think of Saarrthi Pune-Re.

Recreating the past glory in a fascinating modern appearance

Redevelopment is an art. It is combining the contemporary construction practices with the thoughtful re-creation of the olden values that prevailed in the original Vastu. In sync with the changing times we build a structure that is as charming & awe-inspiring as a new one, but still we try our level best to retain the soul and character of the old building. This is one of the most compelling reasons why Saarrthi Pune-re is a preferred choice of sensible families. As they feel assured that even in the new creation, their emotional connect with the Vastu will be sustained. Needless to say, other reasons are top-of-the-line quality, astute planning and flawlessly perfect execution. In all our projects, you will surely see, feel and experience these characteristics.

In pursuit of building the happiest neighbourhoods

We all love living together with the likeminded people, don’t we? A good and cultured neighbourhood can add a lot of value to the living experience. It is an inherent part of all our projects and the people live here are closely-bound as a family. We call it Sarrthi Pune-re family. Each one of them truly respects each other and enjoys being together. We make sure that in our redeveloped residential home-clusters, the original bond of trust, care and affection prevails. And grows with time too...


Address : Geetai Sankul, 2nd Floor, Paud Road, Near Reliance Fresh,
Pune-411038, Maharashtra, India.

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